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Place your brand high, for maximum impact.

The Sky Banner is a specialist hanging banner for exhibition, trade show and shopping mall environments where clients need to make a BIG impact.  Due to it's imposing size, the Sky Banner is designed to be hung well above your booth or show area, giving you the perfect way to tower over your competition!

The Sky Banner uses a simple, lightweight aluminium framing system that clicks together without tools and with a minimum of fuss. The graphic is printed on a robust fabric and wraps around the outside of the frame like a pillow case, using zips to tighten. The fabric pulls tight so as to create a smooth, stylish, wrinkle-free finish. The combination of lightweight aluminium and fabric ensures that that these banners can be hung almost anywhere, without worrying about loading. 


Sky Banner Quad Hanging Banner

3 reasons to choose a hanging sky banner:

Light in weight and easy-to-use

Being a tension fabric system with a simple aluminium skeleton frame means the Sky Banner is both lightweight and compact when packed away. The Sky Banner carry bag will fit comfortably on the back seat of your car or as check-in luggage on a plane, and weighs around 15 kilograms only (depending on size).

A choice of shapes and sizes

The Sky Banner is available in three styles - Round, Quad and Triangular, and a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs.

Available to rent or buy

Yes! You can hire the Sky Banner hardware and add your own customised graphics to suit, which is a lower cost option if you only need to use your hanging banner once or twice. Talk to us about your requirements


Get a Sky Banner and get noticed!


Flat packed for easy transport, Interchangeable tensioned fabric graphics, Easy install 


The Sky Banner system promotes style and simplicity and is suited to a range of retail and exhibition settings, it can be used in a variety of enviroments.


Rigged, Bend and curve


Sky Banner Quad Sky Banner Triangular Sky Banner Round

Sky Banner Quad

Sky Banner Triangular

Sky Banner Round