FlexiFrame | Free Standing Display Panels & Solutions

 The perfect way to display your posters and brochures.


The FlexiFrame system from Brandstand features light weight silver aluminium display units which are ideal for use on exhibition booths, at conferences, in-store or within commerical reception areas. These free standing or suspended displays can easily be folded flat and moved to new locations, making them a great long term investment.

Each stand is made from silver aluminium and has a flat profile into which the cables and rods fit. Toggles just clip into the profile, making it easy to change out elements when required. It's a perfect system to display posters, graphics, shelving and signs and is supplied with easy to follow assembly instructions.   


Flat packed for easy transport, fesatures interchangeable graphics & shelves and it's asy to install.


The Flexi-Frame system promotes style and simplicity and is suited to a range of retail and exhibition settings.  Flexi-Frame can be used in a variety of ways including mount, rigging or even as a free standing signage solutionwith the addition of a base. When teamed up with changeable,elements, The Flexi-Frame system gives a truly bespoke feel to any display, as well as providing a functional and effective method to update and promote your brands marketing message. 


Wall mount, Rigged, Free-standing, Bend and curve, can be integrated with Brandframe for a true bespoke display solution.