Custom Made Trade Display Products

A new leader in creating bespoke branded furniture & spaces.

Do you need for a specialised display solution, or do you need something completely unique to showcase your brand? Brandstand Bespoke has years of experience in building clever, customised, portable display solutions and can work with you to help you create products to suit your specific requirements.

Let's take a look at a few examples of our work.


Backlit Display Walls and Spaces

Are you wondering how to brighten up an office or retail space? How about a unique and stylish feature wall, using high impact imagery and backlighting to generate an incredible ambience.  Imagine how much more creative you could be holding a meeting in a space like this, or how you might inspire shoppers to choose your clothing range over a competitors. We love to talk to you over a coffee, and then let our creative team loose on coming up with your next bespoke branded project.

 Custom backlit display walls  bespoke backlit displays

Custom Sales Tables & Counters

When a customer enters your office, your showroom or your store, or approaches your expo stand, you want their initial impression to be amazing. We have years of experience in building clever, customised solutions and can create a solution to suit your specific requirements. Working in a broad range of materials such as wood, perspex, metal and fibreglass we can create a unique counter, worthy of your brand.

          tailor made sales counter          
custom made counter
 bespoke counter
custom counters 

Custom Display Walls

Brandstand Bespoke has years of experience in building clever, customised wall solutions and can work with you to help you create products to suit your specific requirements. Place walls within a space to create meeting areas. Control the flow of visitors using lighting and visuals to take them on a journey. Our experience in working with a range of materials and lighting effects ensures we deliver something eye-cathcing and effective.

 custom display walls
 promotional display walls

Custom Pedestals, Plinths & Podiums

Brandstand Bespoke produces a huge range of custom-made pedestals, plinths and podium, made from a variety of materials depending on their purpose and the look required. Our in-house team work with wood, perspex and fabric to to deliver portable items that will showcase your brand perfectly.


Brandstand Bespoke pedestal, created from wood              

custom made podiums
promotional plinths branded podiums

Customised Literature & Brochure Displays

Sometimes you need more than a standard literature or brochure display unit. You want your literature to stand out and you want it to represent your brand appropriately. That's where we come - we'll try to understand your brand and it's positioning and then provide you with concepts that we feel do your brand justice. We'll then produce a unique and stylish display that will stand the test of time.

literature displays

 book pod in maple  single magazine unit






Custom Merchandisers

We all know that retail is a busy space - everyone's trying to grab attention. At Brandstand Bespoke, we know how to produce cost effetive custom built merchandise display shelving, cases and boxes. Let us take a look at your next merchandising project and see if we can't find a way to cut through all that in-store clutter! 

customised merchandisers for your brand  visual merchandisers

Custom Slat Walls

A creative display solution! Built from modular slat wall sections so you can pull the display apart if required, ideal for Expo Stands, Displays, Store in Store Environments or general retail visual merchandising applications.

customised modular slat walling

Other Display Solutions & Visual Merchandising

We can pretty much make any display to suit you requirements, get in touch to discuss further.

bespoke jewellery counters and displays outstanding concession stands